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Empowering Citizens

Elevating Organizations

Intensifying Connections

We Open a New Channel of Communication


Public Sector

For Public Sector bodies who believe that the public should have the opportunity to submit requests and complaints, comments and share content-experiences (eg local governments, municipal services, etc.)

"Smart City"

is an entity seeking to address public issues and citizens' needs via ICT solutions on the basis of a multi-stakeholder partnership.

Three fundamental needs of a "Smart Citizen":

Reporting, Paying, Being Informed

Private Sector

For the Private Sector who want to give their customers the opportunity to submit requests, complaints, comment and share content-experiences (eg transport organizations, banking institutions etc.)

Για όλες τις συσκευές και για όλα τα λειτουργικά συστήματα


Innovative Ideas that Leads to Smart Solutions

Connection with Participating Organizations

Gain knowledge from organizations within your region utilizing the platform.

Consolidation of fragmented services

An integrated platform consolidating a variety of different services.

Digital Bills

A unique and user friendly environment for digital payments management. We support Digital Wallets (Paypal, Masterpass), Credit & Debit Cards with standard payment providers such as Braintree, Authorize.Net, etc.

Complex Event Processing

A powerful decision support engine allowing the deduction of fruitful conclusions from unique events.

Monetary Gains

Build your advertizing networks and benefit from a new revenue source.

User Engagement

Utilize rewarding campaigns to further engage your target audiences.

Dedicated Ad Server

Use our dedicated ad server to become an advertizer.

Enhancement of Open311 Standard while still Compatible

The platform is compatible with the Open311 standard, while enhancing it with several features.

Two Minutes Setup

Automatic, quick and easy setup of the issue reporting platform.

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Registration and immediate use of the services of the basic solution

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  • Issue reporting and monitoring
  • Earn money from
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  • Digital payments management
  • Personalized notifications

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